Our Magic Wand
Has Eight Spells


What We Do

Creative & Interactive

  • Visualization

  • Interactive Experience

  • Discussion and Interpretation

This is the department where creators, writers, editors get together, discuss and conceive ideas before production. The journey traverses from conversations to insights, from ideas to creation and characterized by a constant analysis of what works and what doesn’t. We blend the verbal and visual, the art and science in the most unique ways.  Be it an advertisement or a radio jingle, master campaign thought or interactive experiences, the creative team cuts through every odd to offer out-of-the-box ideas as per requirement.

Events & Concerts

  • Manage Events

  • Contingency Plan

  • Out Of The Box Ideas

From concept on paper to reality on field, we drive excellence at managing events - Corporate, Festivals, Commercial, Wedding, Fashion and Entertainment, Private events and lot more.We are driven by the formula of three thumb rules – Contingency plan during any goof-up, Out of the Box Ideas for establishing benchmark and dominating the details, be it a small event or a big event.

We at Prodigy, believe the checklist to be our Holy Grail – getting into the minutest details of a show, be it venues, permissions & licenses to artists or complete on-site management. This results in a flawless execution driven by meticulous planning, and in fact, more meticulous planning.

Printing & Fabrication

  • Unique Creation

  • Market Positioning & Strategy

  • Strengthen Brand Image

Our team at Printing and Fabrication department are ready to move the mountain in order to offer ultimate, cutting-edge freshness to hardware based projects, bringing intangible to a tangible format. Every iron and steel is chiselled in a way to appeal to the prospect, while complimenting with audience’s taste and perception.

With expertly crafted printing and fabrication services, our team helps you connect with your potential customers and aims at strengthening brand image with WOW factor leaving jaw in open mode.


Outdoor Wings

  • Hoardings or Billboard

  • Kiosk Branding

  • Bus Shelter

  • Transit Advertising

  • Traffic Booth

  • Signage

  • Landmark Signage

  • Bylane Signage

  • Junction Signage

  • Monopole

  • Mall Branding

  • Guerilla Marketing

As an outdoor sign is the first thing a potential customer sees, OOH advertisements act as powerful tools in promotional strategies. Our Outdoor Advertising team implements the best eye-catching advertisements that elicit attention and initiates an appropriate first impression for any business. The process goes as – Research, Target Audience, Design, Content Plan and Execution.

And the best part is, we have exclusive rights over Landmark Signage, Bylane Signage, Junction Signage and Monopole.


  • Market Strategy

  • Print Advertisement

  • Radio

The in-house Media department organizes the placement of the advertisements. The vibrant team is well-equipped with the knowledge about planning creative content to match the marketing strategy for the campaign, and acknowledges how printing and packaging works are executed, especially when it comes to diary and calendar. Whether the scope demands printing of collaterals like brochures, visiting cards, folders, diary, calendar, etc. or designing of paper ads, packages, and kits; the media department is always at the forefront for serving you with apt media solutions.

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Marketing Expertise

  • Agile & Flexible

Cut through the noise, and make connections with the people that matter. PCMPL houses a boutique digital marketing department offering integrated digital marketing services. Our goal as a digital marketing company is to offer accelerated & sustainable growth for brands using our digital marketing expertise. We have the stability, we’re agile & flexible to keep things moving forward, and with the right pace. From Website design to content creation to search engine optimization to social media marketing among the list of many, we are here to create a dominating market in digital sphere for a brand.


  • PR Solutions

  • Productive Relationship

  • Befitting Strategy

We live in a society where public opinion matters. It has the power to make or break the business operational. Hence, our team offers public relations a crucial importance, providing you with improved PR solutions. We ensure that you are able to establish and maintain productive relations with your public and create a benchmark in the market. Our public relations services are applicable to both internal and external publics. Whether you want to instil faith into your employees or encourage your customers to engage with your business, our PR professionals shall knit a befitting strategy to help you in sending the right messages to the right people at the right time.












We approach retail through a holistic perspective to design immersive, engaging experiences that draw customers to a store. We create store concepts and integrate digital and retail to deliver emotionally rich customer experiences. The forward-looking expertise with us is that we are a part of the entire retail lifecycle journey. The Retail and Innovation team looks at the bigger picture with a new approach. We at Retail & Innovation department are always thrilled to develop innovative displays and signage that create new market opportunities for a business.